Cedar Wood vs Basswood Saunas

Cedar Wood vs Basswood Saunas

     When choosing which sauna is best for you, it is important to decide which material you would like your sauna to be made from. Like any great chef, ingredients matter to the final product so choosing the type of wood is used to create your sauna is crucial to your sauna experience.

    Clearlight Infrared saunas are made of either cedar wood or basswood. Cedar wood and basswood are the two best woods to use for building saunas because they are both resistant to cracking and splitting from the heat within the sauna. Below you will find a list of benefits to both types of wood to help you decide which sauna is best for you!

Cedar Wood

  • Cedar wood is the longest lasting sauna wood. It is a soft wood so it’s able to withstand the heating up and cooling down of the sauna.
  • The color of cedar wood ranges from light honey to a deep walnut shade. Your sauna can have traces of these ranges of colors throughout the wood.
  • Cedar wood contains aromatic oils. The cedar scent is very subtle but pleasing to the senses. 
  • Cedar wood is naturally antibacterial and antifungal which is helpful in preventing molding and bacteria build up within the sauna. 
  • Cedar wood can be easily sanded from the inside of the sauna to bring back the aromatic smell or remove any stains from perspiration.  
  • (image on the left)


  • North American Basswood is a white wood with light yellow hues. It is consistent in color so the finish is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Its dense cellular structure creates a strong, stable, and sweat resistant wood.
  • It is hypoallergenic. Basswood has no odor to it making it a great choice for people with sensitivities or allergies.
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