Frozen Scented Towel for Infrared Sauna

There is no better way to begin your Clearlight Infrared Sauna session than with an ice cold, scented towel draped over your head. Going to the spa is great for little amenities like these but have you ever wondered what it takes to do it yourself? Spoiler alert! It’s soooo easy!

Here’s what you need:

  • Bowl of water
  • Essential oils of your choice (we recommend Mint, Eucalyptus or Lavender)
  • Hand towels

The steps are nearly the same!

  1. Fill bowl with water
  2. 10 drops of your Essential Oil (you can build up from here if you like it stronger)
  3. Soak towel in water
  4. Softly ring towel out until it’s still damp but not dripping wet
  5. Fold in half, then roll it up like a burrito
  6. Place towels on a tray in the fridge (cookie sheets work well)

PRO TIP: Separate the towels or they can become stuck together when they start to freeze.

Many DIY guides will tell you to use plastic bags to separate your towels but I try not to use plastic as much as possible. When I first began my sauna journey, I was a member at a local infrared sauna spa and these hand towels were my favorite part. After more research I realized that Clearlight saunas were by far the best on the market. From their warranty policy to low EMF/ELF, I just needed to recreate the spa feeling at home. The ability to use the sauna twice a day at home was amazing. Once I figured out how to make my own scented towels, it felt like I had my own spa.


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