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Best shower filter

Longest lasting filter. proone shower filter is one of the best for hard water, lasts months, and filters out the most contaminants that most filters don't touch. Best price and shipping time from the sauna solution! <3

ProOne® G2.0 7″
Stephen Koshorek
Replaced My Berkey Filters

I bought two of these filters to replace my original black Berkey filters, based on a YouTube video comparing them. The video creators convinced me there are advantages over the Berkey. I have them in a Big Berkey, and they produce filtered water quicker than the Berkey filters. I plan to stay with these as my day-to-day filters.

After reviewing dozens of water pitchers last year, I chose the Pro One for its ability to filter out the contaminants of concern to me. I am happy to find the replacement filters on this site. Great price and customer service.

Healthy water, healthy life

I bought the ProOne Big last year, and have been quite pleased with the quality of water. I bought replacement filters after a year, and they are easy to install & use. About every 2 months, I place the filters in running water, scrubbing off the mineral residue. Works like a charm. 2 active filters at a time are fine for my needs. Will continue to purchase ProOne G2.0 filters from The Sauna Solution

ProOne® G2.0 5″
Carol Hiestand
Health Clean Water

This is a Good Filter.
I clean it each week so the filter will last longer.
The company had it to me in less than a week free shipping!

Nordic Wave Viking Cold Plunge
Viking exactly what I was searching for!

I researched to find the best cold plunges for me. I wanted the small footprint of a barrel vertical shape, chiller, pump, filtration and ozone all in one package. This checks all the boxes, very high quality components and the customer service from the Sauna Solution was excellent!
I’ve been using the plunge for about a week and loving it. 100% satisfied with my purchase. Thank you!

Great Product, Best Price

These water filters work fantastically, and this random sauna website is the cheapest place I can find them. Bought from here twice, and got great customer service and swift delivery. I bought a few so won't be making another purchase for a while, but when I do, I'll definitely be checking the price here

Echo Go+™
Pauline Hughes
Madeleine was wonderful she explained everything about each product that I ourchased

I love my products just awesome

The exceptional service extended worth the purchase from their business for that experience alone!!

First: Stage the construction. Open all boxes, know what is first second and third. If you begin that way, It should take you less than 90 minutes to have the shell together. The interior is simple: don't overfill the heater, rocks just to the top edge. The electrical hookup should be done by a professional. The workmanship is very good to excellent. The instruction booklet ok. You may wish to insulate the roof for greater heat containment.
You will find Madeleine to be the best person you will ever work with. She is one in a million. Questions were promptly addressed, a substitute light bulb issue, quickly solved. This should be the only shop you use for your next sauna purchase.

Very good filter

I love it is easy to install and the water taste pretty good.

Bought a propane big. I called and asked a lot of questions about the product and watch utube. I thought it to be a great buy.

Echo Replacement Filter
Christine GONZALEZ
Awesome customer service!

A shout out to Madeleine, who not only helped me try to solve the problem, but also whose sincerity and cheerful personality absolutely made my day. Thank you again!

Clearlight®Halo One Salt Capsules
Anthony Leverette
Very good salt therapy solution

The health benefits of a salt cave, in the convenience of your home. For a fraction of the cost.

Clearlight® HALO ONE™ Salt Therapy
Theresa S.
Life Changing!

We absolutely love our Halo-One! It’s changed our lives! My daughter is an elite athlete and is a competitive swimmer. She trains six days a week/30 hours a week total before and after school 50 weeks a year.

We both got Covid in January 2021 and since then we battled constant congestion, sinus pressure, sinus infections, thick awful congested coughs and lived on a cocktail, saline spray, Oregano Oil, Musinex, q-tips of Tea Tree Oil in our nose and ears, Allegra and both had rescue inhalers as needed for almost two years. Since I’m older I could hear wheezing in my chest at rest, I would get bronchitis 2-3 times per year it was terrible!

My daughter had a sinus infection for almost a year on and off. We really opposed the doctors order of no swim so it could “dry out” because she can’t stop training. Rounds and rounds of antibiotics were not the solution for us either. This really interfered with her training and quality of life because the pressure would be painful and intense when she was swimming and competing underwater that she couldn’t breath and it effected her time and 0.02 seconds can make or break your race.

So my husband did some research and said this is what you both need! Now we can’t be without it. We were so excited and proud that we are now without our cocktail of home remedies, over the counter pills and inhalers. When she travels for swim across the nation we carefully hand carry it on the plane! It goes everywhere with her! Soon she will be off to college and I will have to buy her a new machine to take to her dorm. I was going to share it with her Swim Coaches at University of Alabama because that college caters to their athletes like no other university we visited during her recruitment and they have the most cutting edge technology for all of their elite athletes to keep them healthy and in the best shape and condition.

Thank you for changing our lives! Who knew 20 minutes and a little tiny pod could make an amazing impact for both of us.

Life Changing

Bought this for our household in light of all the water in the US being under attack. It gives me a lot of peace of mind knowing we can have safe drinking water even if the worst happens. It was easy to setup, good quality, water is amazing. Our tap water was a ph of 8 and had 38tps. The water came out of this with a ph of 10.3 and 223tps. Everywhere says it won't change the ph? We are okay with it being really alkaline though. The higher tps should be from the good minerals being added back to the water.

Good filter

Good filter for a good water pitcher that was easy to order.

Echo go

Love my hydrogen go cup. Works perfectly and is so simple to use. I would purchase again.

Perfect Sauna

Easy to install and perfect even for Florida because sweating is healthy

Nordic Wave Viking Cold Plunge
Bradley C.
Finally a vertical plunge with a chiller

Very eager to get my viking. The 2 year warranty on the chiller and something nice looking in my backyard were the big things for me. Excited to get in and start plunging. Customer service was great and definitely recommend sauna solution team.

Echo Go+™
Corey E.
Relief and style in one bottle

A friend gave me this as a gift after I was having some knee issues and I was pretty skeptical but tried it. First off, I have to say that the design of this bottle is sleek and modern and it fits easily into my bag or cup holder. It's been a huge help for my knee pain and I've noticed a significant decrease in discomfort since using this bottle regularly. I've even been able to take off my brace and walk around more freely. I also feel more alert and focused throughout the day, and my memory retention has improved as well. Plus, the water just tastes better than regular tap water.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the Echo Go and even went on to purchase a few more for my family members as gifts.

Bests the Berry…

Read the lab reports on the ProOne filters. Excellent for heavy metal removal, which is what we’re focusing on. Also has nice transparent section on the body so you can always see the water level. Water also tastes great. Has more certifications than the Berky which has a great name but doesn’t stand up to deeper scrutiny. Perfectly satisfied with product. Thanks Sauna Solution for quick delivery and good and prompt customer service help with questions ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great tasting water

I have enjoyed my water filter pitcher for a couple of years now… ordering new filters is very easy with no problems in delivery.

Echo Replacement Filter
Karen Theresa Hanni

i am very pleased with the customer service.

Echo Replacement Filter
Carol Thompson

Very easy to install.

Clearlight® HALO ONE™ Salt Therapy
Brian C
Very cool add on

While I was skeptical at first (its certainly not a cheap item), I was very impressed when it arrived. The packaging and device are extremely well built and thought out. It seems like something built by Apple and not just lumped in a box. I'll leave it up to the scientists to determine its overall effectiveness, but I got it for my wife....she is happy, so we're all happy.